38th Annual “Pediatric Update”

38th Annual “Pediatric Update”

The 38th Annual Pediatric Update was from November 17-20, 2016 at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. The online syllabus contains supplemental information from the event’s meetings and seminars.


  • Why Do I Get Abdominal Pain When I See a Child With a Bellyache? — Carlo Di Lorenzo, MD
  • Masquerade Party: Events That Are Not Seizures — Paul G. Fisher, MD
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder: Separating Myths from Facts — Doug L. Vanderbilt, MD
  • MythBusters: Antibiotics Facts and Fiction — Brian P. Lee, MD
  • Syncope, Palpitations, and Chest Pain: A Discussion on Common Scenarios for the Practitioner — Anjan S. Batra, MD
  • Don’t Get Sued: What’s New in DDH — Brian A. Shaw, MD
  • Bullying and School Violence — Doug L. Vanderbilt, MD
  • Clostridium Difficle: Biting Us in the Butt — Brian P. Lee, MD
  • In-Toe/Out-Toe: Alignment Order and Disorder in Children — Brian A. Shaw, MD
  • Which Athletes Are at Risk for Sudden Cardiac Death — Anjan S. Batra, MD
  • Neurologic Emergencies: You Make the Call — Paul G. Fisher, MD
  • Celiac Disease: Why Do We Keep Missing It? — Carlo Di Lorenzo, MD
  • The Future of Cardiology in Children — Anjan S. Batra, MD
  • Back Pain in Children — Brian A. Shaw, MD
  • What’s New in GI Motility Disorders? — Carlo Di Lorenzo, MD
  • Head Trauma: It’s More Than Just a Concussion — Paul G. Fisher, MD
  • Osteomyelitis in Children: Treatment Tips and other Tidbits — Brian P. Lee, MD
  • Primary Care Psychopharmacology: Drugs Are the Easy Part — Doug L. Vanderbilt, MD


  • ECG Basics All Pediatricians Should Know — Anjan S. Batra, MD
  • Common GI Problems: Case Studies Carlo — Di Lorenzo, MD
  • Inattentive, Autistic or Delayed? Which Is It? — Paul G. Fisher, MD
  • The Germ Files: Challenging ID Cases and the Lessons Learned — Brian P. Lee, MD
  • Common Sports Injuries in Children and Teens: Diagnosis and Treatment — Brian A. Shaw, MD
  • Addressing Toxic Stress in Primary Care: Identification and Consequences — Doug L. Vanderbilt, MD