AAPCA Advocacy Priorities (2018)

Universal ACCESS to quality, comprehensive pediatric care in a medical home, including access to vaccines and behavioral and mental health treatment for every child in California, including vulnerable populations such as children with special health care needs, foster children, children of immigrant families, and LGBTQ youth. To make access a reality, ensure that state and commercial health care plan reimbursement fully supports quality primary and subspecialty pediatric care.


Reduce and prevent:

  • Childhood poverty
  • Childhood toxic stress and its causes, including violence, neglect and abuse, bullying, human trafficking, discrimination, and anti-immigration policies
  • Childhood obesity and food insecurity
  • Youth marijuana use

High Priority Bills, Session 2017-2018

Name Description Author Status Position Letter
AB-0224 Pediatric Dental Anesthesia Thurmond Alive Support  
AB-1110 Pupil health: vision examinations Burke Alive Oppose  
AB-1520 Lifting Children and Families Out of Poverty Act of 2017 Burke Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-0138 Universal Free Breakfast & Lunch Service in High-Poverty Schools McGuire Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-0162 Marijuana and medical cannabis: marketing Allen Alive Support  
SB-0300 Sugar-sweetened beverages: health warnings Monning Alive Support  
SB-0392 Report on Access to Care Implications of Anesthesia Safety Bates Alive Oppose  
SB-0501 Dentistry: anesthesia and sedation Glazer Alive Oppose  
SB-0794 Consumer Safety Standards for Edible Marijuana Products Stern Alive Support  
AAP-CA Legislative Contacts

If you have questions or comments about state government issues or processes, please contact your chapter state government affairs representative:

Chair, State Government Affairs Committee

Jacques Corriveau, MD | jacques.ebc@me.com

Co- Chair, State Government Affairs Committee

Mona Patel, MD | mpatel@chla.usc.edu

Representatives Chapter 1 | Northern California

Aaron Nayfack, MD | anayfack@gmail.com
Lauren Gambill, MD | lauren.gambill@gmail.com

Representatives Chapter 2 | So CA – Greater Los Angeles Area

Marti Baum, MD | mbaum@llu.edu
Susan Wu, MD | SuWu@chla.usc.edu

Representatives Chapter 3 | San Diego & Imperial Counties

Nancy Graff, MD | ngraff@ucsd.edu
Adam Braddock, MD | abraddock@ucsd.edu

Representatives Chapter 4 | Orange County

Victor Perez, MD | Victor.H.Perez@kp.org
Kate Williamson, MD | katewilliamsonmd@gmail.com

Immediate Past Chair

Wilbert Mason, MD | wmason@chla.usc.edu


Kris Calvin, CEO & Director of Advocacy and Policy | office@aap-ca.org
Isra Uz-Zaman, Legislative & Resident Advocacy Rotation Coordinator | office@aap-ca.org

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