Below is the list of bills that are of high importance to the American Academy of Pediatrics of California. Please click on the title of the bill for more information. Click on the letter icon to view the AAP-CA’s letter for each bill.

High Priority Bills, Session 2017-2018

Name Description Author Status Position Letter
AB-0224 Pediatric Dental Anesthesia Thurmond Alive Support  
AB-1110 Pupil health: vision examinations Burke Alive Oppose  
SB-0138 Universal Free Breakfast & Lunch Service in High-Poverty Schools McGuire Alive Support  
SB-0501 Dentistry: anesthesia and sedation: report Glazer Alive Oppose  

Showing Legislative Session 2017-2018

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Name Description Author Status Position Letter
AB-0009 Sales Tax Exemption for Feminine Hygiene Products C. Garcia Alive Support  
AB-0010 Adequate Supply of Feminine Hygiene Products in Schools, Colleges, and Shelters C. Garcia Alive Support  
AB-0024 Seal of Civic Engagement Eggman Alive Support  
AB-0042 Bond Reform Bonta Alive Support  
AB-0060 Subsidized child care and development services: eligibility periods Santiago Alive Support  
AB-0062 Smoke-Free Public Housing Wood Alive Support  
AB-0063 Provisional Driver’s Licenses Frazier Alive Support  
AB-0160 CalWORKs Eligibility Stone Alive Support  
AB-0164 Food Assistance Arambula Alive Support  
AB-0210 Homeless multidisciplinary personnel team Santiago Alive Support  
AB-0223 Services to Victims of Human Trafficking Eggman Alive Support  
AB-0224 Pediatric Dental Anesthesia Thurmond Alive Support  
AB-0227 CalWORKs Education Incentives Mayes Alive Support  
AB-0236 CalWORKs: housing assistance Maienschein Alive Support  
AB-0247 Lead Advisory Taskforce C. Garcia Alive Support  
AB-0273 Eligibility for Child Care Services Aguiar-Curry Alive Support  
AB-0451 Health facilities: emergency services and care Arambula Alive Support  
AB-0557 CalWORKs: victim of abuse Rubio Alive Support  
AB-0569 Discrimination: reproductive health Gonzalez Fletcher Alive Support  
AB-0576 Pupil discipline: suspension and detention Levine Alive Support  
AB-0654 Pediatric home health care Maienschein Alive Support  
AB-0699 Educational Equity: Immigration Status O'Donnell Alive Support  
AB-0754 Foster youth: enrichment activities Acosta Alive Support  
AB-0796 Public social services: SSI/SSP Kalra Alive Support  
AB-0818 CalWORKs: welfare to work Burke Alive Support  
AB-0824 Transitional Housing for Homeless Youth Grant Program Lackey Alive Support  
AB-0885 Pupil health: drinking water: lead Rubio Alive Support  
AB-0992 CalWORKs: Baby Wellness and Family Support Home Visiting Program Arambula Alive Support  
AB-1110 Pupil health: vision examinations Burke Alive Oppose  
AB-1164 Foster care placement: funding Thurmond Alive Support  
AB-1227 Human Trafficking Prevention and Education Act Bonta Alive Support  
ACR-0011 Cervical Cancer Awareness Month Baker Alive Support  
HR-0006 Women’s Reproductive Health Burke Resolution Adopted Support  
SB-0010 Bail Reform Hertzberg Alive Support  
SB-0012 Financial Aid for Foster Youth Beall Alive Support  
SB-0018 Children’s Bill of Rights Pan Alive Support  
SB-0022 Law Enforcement Firearms Hill Alive Support  
SB-0023 Public health: umbilical cord blood collection Portantino Alive Support  
SB-0029 Law enforcement: immigration Lara Alive Support  
SB-0031 California Religious Freedom Act Lara Alive Support  
SB-0054 Safe Zones in Schools and Hospitals de León Alive Support  
SB-0055 Distinguished After School Health Recognition Program Jackson Alive Support  
SB-0061 Emergency Food Assistance Fund Hertzberg Alive Support  
SB-0063 Family Leave Jackson Alive Support  
SB-0078 After School Programs Leyva Alive Support  
SB-0135 Media Literacy Dodd Alive Support  
SB-0138 Universal Free Breakfast & Lunch Service in High-Poverty Schools McGuire Alive Support  
SB-0179 Gender Identity: Female, Male or Nonbinary Atkins Alive Support  
SB-0190 Juvenile Fees Mitchell Alive Support  
SB-0191 Pupil health: Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorder Services Beall Alive Support  
SB-0203 Pupil Instruction: Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy Jackson Alive Support  
SB-0210 Drinking Water Leyva Alive Support  
SB-0245 Foster Youth Sexual Education Leyva Alive Support  
SB-0250 Child Hunger Prevention and Fair Treatment Act of 2017 Hertzberg Alive Support  
SB-0257 School Admission for Children of Deported Parents Lara Alive Support  
SB-0258 Cleaning Product Right to Know Act Lara Alive Support  
SB-0328 Start School Later Portantino Alive Support  
SB-0354 Special education: individualized education programs: translation services Portantino Alive Support  
SB-0377 Lead-based paint Monning Alive Support  
SB-0395 Custodial interrogation: juveniles Lara Alive Support  
SB-0439 Jurisdiction of the juvenile court Mitchell Alive Support  
SB-0464 Firearm dealers: storage and security Hill Alive Support  
SB-0501 Dentistry: anesthesia and sedation: report Glazer Alive Oppose  
SB-0641 CURES Privacy Lara Alive Support  
SB-0746 Pupil health: physical examinations Portantino Alive Oppose  
SCR-0015 Human Trafficking Awareness Month Gaines Alive Support  
SCR-0016 Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month Leyva Alive Support