KTP/Medi-Cal & WIC: Expedited Enrollment

Provides expedited enrollment in the Medi-Cal program by using eligibility information already collected by California Women, Infants, and Children program  (WIC) and provides expedited enrollment in WIC by using eligibility information already collected by Medi-Cal. Sponsor:  Child Advocacy Partner: The Children’s Partnership… Read More

Priority Access to Higher Education for CA’s Foster Youth

Would  extend priority registration  into CA colleges to  foster youth or former foster youth whose dependency was established or continued by the court on or after the youth’s 13th birthday.  … Read More

Foster care: foster sibling relationship

Would state the intent of the Legislature to maintain a foster sibling relationship for dependent and nonminor dependent children in out-of-home placement when they are no longer placed together, and would define “foster sibling relationship” to mean a relationship between dependent or nonminor dependent children who are placed together in… Read More

Pupil Instruction: Climate Change

Would require science study in  CA schools to include the causes and effects of climate change. Read More

Pupil nutrition: free meals

Would mandate that school districts provide a FREE meal to a student if they already qualify for a reduced price meal. This bill would  ensure that children receive the nutrition they need while at school regardless of their parents ability to pay. Read More

Higher Education: Pilot Program for Free Tuition and Fees: Working Group

Would establish a working group  to consider the creation of a pilot program that would provide free postsecondary education in the state by replacing the system of charging students tuition and fees for enrollment at a public postsecondary institution. The bill would require the working group to submit a report… Read More

Voter education: high school pupils

Would provide customized voter education information to pupils in grade 12 in high schools and give students the opportunity to register or preregister to vote on the high school campus. Read More

Homeless Children and Youth

Would require schools to identify all homeless children and youths enrolled at the school, report that number, provide services to youth experiencing homelessness, provide training about the homeless education programs, and post information on liaisons for homeless children on its internet website.  … Read More

Immunizations: Medical Exemptions

This bill is a “partner bill” to AAP California-sponsored SB 276 to provide state public health oversight for medical exemptions issues by doctors for typically required school entry vaccines. This bill was added to address requests of Governor Newsom for additional provisions to the oversight, as follows: -Would instead allow… Read More

Immunization Awareness Month

Would have recognized the month of August 2019 as National Immunization Awareness Month in California to increase public awareness about the importance of all Californians receiving recommended immunizations. Last Action: 08/19/19 Introduced. Referred to Com. on RLS. Read More