Below is the list of bills that are of high importance to the American Academy of Pediatrics of California. Please click on the title of the bill for more information. Click on the letter icon to view the AAP-CA’s letter for each bill.

High Priority Bills, Session 2017-2018

Name Description Author Status Position Letter
AB-1952 Social Services: Access to Food Mayes Alive Support  
AB-2668 Pupil immunizations: pupils not immunized. Allen, Travis Alive Oppose  
SB-0501 Dentistry: anesthesia and sedation Glazer Alive Oppose  
SB-982  CalWORKs: grant amount Mitchell Alive Support  
SB-1100 Firearms: Transfers Portantino Alive Support  
SB-1192 Children’s meals Monning Alive Support  

Showing Legislative Session 2017-2018

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Name Description Author Status Position Letter
AB-0009 Sales Tax Exemption for Feminine Hygiene Products C. Garcia Dead Support  
AB-0011 Child care: early childhood innovation partnerships and grants McCarty Alive Support  
AB-0021 Access to Higher Education for Every Student Kalra Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
AB-0024 Seal of Civic Engagement Eggman Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
AB-0034 Children’s Savings Accounts Nazarian Dead Support  
AB-0042 Bond Reform Bonta Dead Support  
AB-0060 Subsidized child care and development services: eligibility periods Santiago Alive Support  
AB-0062 Smoke-Free Public Housing Wood Alive Support  
AB-0063 Provisional Driver’s Licenses Frazier Vetoed Support  
AB-0160 CalWORKs Eligibility Stone Dead Support  
AB-0164 Food Assistance Arambula Alive Support  
AB-0175 Adult-use marijuana: marketing: packaging and labeling Chau Dead Support  
AB-0210 Homeless multidisciplinary personnel team Santiago Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
AB-0223 Services to Victims of Human Trafficking Eggman Dead Support  
AB-0224 Pediatric Dental Anesthesia Thurmond Alive Support  
AB-0227 CalWORKs Education Incentives Mayes Alive Support  
AB-0236 CalWORKs: housing assistance Maienschein Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
AB-0247 Lead Advisory Taskforce C. Garcia Vetoed Support  
AB-0273 Eligibility for Child Care Services Aguiar-Curry Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
AB-0323 CalFresh: Emergency Food Provider Referrals Berman Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
AB-0350 Marijuana edibles: appealing to children Salas Vetoed Support  
AB-0451 Health facilities: emergency services and care Arambula Alive Support  
AB-0479 Common Cents Tax Reform Act: No Tampon Tax, No Diaper Tax Gonzalez Fletcher Alive Support  
AB-0480 CalWORKs: welfare-to-work: necessary supportive services Gonzalez Fletcher Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
AB-0557 CalWORKs: victims of abuse Rubio Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
AB-0569 Discrimination: reproductive health Gonzalez Fletcher Vetoed Support  
AB-0576 Pupil discipline: suspension and detention Levine Dead Support  
AB-0654 Pediatric home health care Maienschein Dead Support  
AB-0692 Schoolbuses: passenger restraint systems Chu Alive Support  
AB-0699 Educational Equity: Immigration Status O'Donnell Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
AB-0752 Child care: expulsion Rubio Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
AB-0754 Foster youth: enrichment activities Acosta Dead Support  
AB-0796 Public social services: SSI/SSP Kalra Dead Support  
AB-0818 CalWORKs: welfare to work Burke Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
AB-0823 Edible marijuana products: labeling Chau Dead Support  
AB-0824 Transitional Housing for Homeless Youth Grant Program Lackey Dead Support  
AB-0841 Pupil nutrition: food and beverages: advertising: corporate incentive programs Weber Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
AB-0885 Pupil health: drinking water: lead Rubio and Quirk Dead Support  
AB-0992 CalWORKs: Baby Wellness and Family Support Home Visiting Program Arambula Alive Support  
AB-1006 Foster Youth Maienschein Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
AB-1097 (Levine): State Beaches and Parks: Smoking Ban Levine Alive Support  
AB-1110 Pupil health: vision examinations Burke Dead Oppose  
AB-1136 Psychiatric bed registry ​ Eggman Alive Support  
AB-1164 Foster care placement: funding Thurmond Alive Support  
AB-1221 Responsible Beverage Service Training Program Act of 2017 Gonzalez Fletcher Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
AB-1227 Human Trafficking Prevention and Education Act Bonta Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
AB-1261 Pupil discipline: pupil suicide prevention Berman Vetoed Support  
AB-1335 Sugar-sweetened beverages: health warnings Bonta Alive Support  
AB-1394 Firearms: Concealed Carry Licenses Allen Dead Oppose  
AB-1402 Prostitution: minors Travis Allen Dead Oppose  
AB-1421 Railroads: noise and vibration levels Dababneh Alive Support  
AB-1488 County juvenile transition centers. Thurmond Alive Support  
AB-1520 Lifting Children and Families Out of Poverty Act of 2017 Burke Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
AB-1601 Hearing aids: minors Bloom Dead Support  
AB-1744 After school programs: substance use prevention: funding: cannabis revenue. McCarty Alive Support
AB-1744 After school programs: substance use prevention: funding: cannabis revenue. McCarty Alive Support  
AB-1747 School safety plans Rodriguez Alive Support  
AB-1754 Pre-K for All Act of 2018 McCarty Alive Support  
AB-1766 Swimming pools: public safety. Maienschein Alive Support  
AB-1779 Sexual orientation: change efforts Nazarian Alive Support  
AB-1785 Medi-Cal eligibility: assets Nazarian Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
AB-1801 Newborns: cytomegalovirus public education and testing Nazarian Alive Support  
AB-1861 Pupil instruction: human trafficking: use of social media and mobile device applications Rodriguez Alive Support  
AB-1868 Pupil instruction: sexual health education: sexually suggestive or sexually explicit materials Cunningham Alive Support  
AB-1871 Charter schools: free and reduced-price meals Bonta Alive Support  
AB-1883 Child care and development services: military families: alternative payment programs Weber Alive Support  
AB-1884 Food Facilities: Single Use Plastic Straws Calderon Alive Support  
AB-1892 CalFresh. Jones-Sawyer Alive Support  
AB-1893 Maternal mental health: federal funding Maienschein Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
AB-1894 Postsecondary education: student hunger. Weber Alive Support  
AB-1903 ​AB 1903 (Gonzalez Fletcher) Firearms: buyback programs: gift cards Gonzalez Fletcher Alive Support  
AB-1911 Child abuse reporting: County of Los Angeles Lackey Dead Other
AB-1921 CalWORKs: housing assistance. Maienschein Alive Support  
AB-1931 Firearms: licenses to carry concealed firearms Fong Dead Oppose  
AB-1952 Social Services: Access to Food Mayes Alive Support  
AB-1963 Medi-Cal: reimbursement: opioid addiction treatment Waldron Alive Support  
AB-1968 Mental health: firearms Low Alive Other
AB-1974 Pupils: Collection of Debt Gonzalez Fletcher Alive Support  
AB-1996 The California Cannabis Research Program Lackey Alive Other
AB-2009 Interscholastic athletic programs: school districts: written emergency action plans: automated external defibrillator Maienschein Alive Support  
AB-2010 Juvenile facilities: chemical agents. Chau Alive Support  
AB-2010 Juvenile facilities: chemical agents. Chau Alive Support  
AB-2012  School and community college employees: parental leave. Medina Alive Support  
AB-2018 Mental health workforce planning: loan forgiveness and scholarship programs. Maienschein Alive Support  
AB-2023 Personal income taxes: working families child care tax credit Caballero Alive Support  
AB-2029 Federally Qualified Health Clinics: rural health clinics Eduardo Garcia Alive Other
AB-2034  Human trafficking: notice Kalra Alive Support  
AB-2043 Foster youth: response system Arambula Alive Support  
AB-2066 Personal income taxes: credit: earned income: eligible individual Stone Dead Support  
AB-2067 School safety: armed security guards. Gallagher Alive Oppose  
AB-2073 Protecting Homeowners from Lead Paint Manufacturer’s Lawsuits Chiu Alive Support  
AB-2083 Foster youth: trauma-informed system of care Cooley Alive Other
AB-2090 Guardianships: special immigrant juvenile status Gonzales-Fletcher Alive Support  
AB-2103 Firearms: license to carry concealed Gloria Alive Support  
AB-2109 Pupils: pupils with a temporary disability: individual instruction: pupils who are terminally ill: honorary diplomas O'Donnell Alive Support  
AB-2119 Foster care: gender affirming health care and behavioral health services. Gloria Alive Support  
AB-2121 Pupil Instruction: Coursework and Graduation Requirements: currently and formerly migratory children and newly arrived immigrant pupils Caballero Alive Support  
AB-2122 Medi-Cal: Blood lead screening tests. Reyes Alive Support  
AB-2143 Mental Health: Licensed Mental Health Service Provider Education Program. Caballero Alive Support  
AB-2168 Special education: teachers: grant program Thurmond Alive Other
AB-2182 Privacy: Department of Consumer Affairs: California Data Protection Authority Levine Alive Other
AB-2202 University of California: school of medicine. Gray Alive Support  
AB-2210 Public postsecondary education: holders of certain special immigrant visas. McCarty Alive Support  
AB-2250 Children of incarcerated parents: working group Thurmond Alive Support
AB-2269 CalWORKs: eligibility. Lackey Alive Support  
AB-2271 School food authorities: federal equipment assistance grants: matching state grants Quirk-Silva Alive Support  
AB-2275 Medi-Cal managed care: quality assessment and performance improvement Arambula Alive Other
AB-2289 Pupil rights: pregnant and parenting pupils. Weber Alive Support  
AB-2291 School safety: bullying. Chiu Alive Support  
AB-2297  CalWORKs and CalFresh: Hunger Impact Act of 2018. Arambula Alive Support  
AB-2299 Medi-Cal: managed care plans: informational materials Chu Alive Other
AB-2315 Public Health: Telehealth Services Quirk-Silva Alive Support  
AB-2318 Gun-free school zone Flora Dead Oppose
AB-2336 Schoolbuses: retrofit and replacement Salas Alive Other
AB-2360 Pupil nutrition: school district and food bank partnerships Rodriguez Alive Support  
AB-2382 Firearms: firearm precursor parts Gipson Alive Support  
AB-2384 Medication-Assisted Treatment Arambula Alive Support  
AB-2387 Personal income tax: earned income tax credit Reyes Dead Support
AB-2390 Pupil safety: identification cards: suicide prevention telephone numbers Harper  Alive Support  
AB-2391  Student health: identification cards: suicide prevention telephone numbers. Harper Alive Support  
AB-2434 Strategic Growth Council: Health in All Policies Bloom Alive Support  
AB-2448 Juveniles: rights: computing technology Gipson Alive Support  
AB-2453 Air pollution: schools Garcia Alive Support  
AB-2471 Pupil health: School-Based Pupil Support Services Program Act Thurmond Alive Support
AB-2477 Student support services: Dream Resource Liaisons. Rubio Alive Support  
AB-2481 State Employment: Infant at Work Program Voepel Alive Support  
AB-2490 Vital Records: Homeless Persons Chiu Alive Support  
AB-2499 Health care coverage: medical loss ratios. Arambula Alive Support  
AB-2507 Detention facilities: infant and toddler breast milk feeding policy. Jones-Sawyer Alive Support  
AB-2511 Privacy: The Parents’ Social Media Accountability and Child Protection Act Chau Alive Support  
AB-2565 Affordability Assistance: Cost Sharing Chiu Alive Support  
AB-2570 Clean and Healthy Schools Nazarian Alive Support  
AB-2579 Medi-Cal: California Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children Burke Alive Support  
AB-2587 Disability compensation: paid family leave Levine Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
AB-2597 Programs in Medical Education Arambula Alive Support  
AB-2601 Pupil instruction: sexual health education: charter schools. Weber Alive Support  
AB-2614 Outdoor experience: disadvantaged youth Carillo Alive Support  
AB-2626 Child care services. Mullin Alive Support  
AB-2637 CalWORKs: aid amounts: education support payments. O'Donnell Alive Support  
AB-2639 Pupil suicide prevention policies: reviews: updates Berman Alive Support  
AB-2642 Guardianship: special immigrant juveniles​ Levine Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
AB-2657 Pupil discipline: restraint and seclusion Weber Alive Support  
AB-2668 Pupil immunizations: pupils not immunized. Allen, Travis Alive Oppose  
AB-2691 Pupil health: pupil and school staff trauma: Trauma-Informed Schools Initiative Jones-Sawyer Alive Support  
AB-2698 California state preschool programs: general child care and development programs: mental health consultation services: adjustment factors Rubio Alive Support  
AB-2733  Firearms: unsafe handguns: imprinting. Harper Dead Oppose  
AB-2741 Prescription drugs: opioid medications: minors Burke Alive Oppose  
AB-2785  Student services: lactation accommodations. Rubio Alive Support  
AB-2803 Public Nuisance: Residential Lead-Based Paint Limon Alive Support  
AB-2804 Substance use disorder treatment workforce expansion. Waldron Alive Support  
AB-2830 County agencies: interns and student assistants: hiring preference Reyes Alive Support  
AB-2860 Firearms: unsafe handguns. Allen, Travis Dead Oppose  
AB-2861 Medi-Cal: Telehealth: Substance Use Disorder Services Salas Alive Support  
AB-2888 Gun violence restraining orders Ting Alive Support  
AB-2905 Foster youth: enrichment activities Acosta Alive Support  
AB-2943 Unlawful business practices: sexual orientation change efforts Low Alive Support  
AB-2944 Personal income taxes: voluntary contributions: Schools Not Prisons Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund Jones-Sawyer Alive Support  
AB-2949 Pupil Residency: Pupils of Military Families Gloria Alive Support  
AB-2960 Child Care and Development Services: Online Portal Thurmond Alive Support  
AB-2965 Medi-Cal: immigration status: adults Arambula Alive Support  
AB-2983 Health Care Facilities: Voluntary Psychiatric Care Arambula Alive Support  
AB-3007 Children of Incarcerated Parents: Support Services. Garcia Alive Support  
AB-3009 Hazardous Materials: lead-based paint Quirk Alive Support  
AB-3033 CalHEERS: application for CalFresh Maienschein Alive Support  
AB-3043 School breakfast Berman Alive Support  
AB-3067 Internet: Marketing: Minors: Cannabis Chau Alive Support  
AB-3077 Vehicles: children safety Caballero Alive Support  
AB-3083 Pupil nutrition: food and beverages: food incentive program Quirk-Silva Alive Support
AB-3087 California Health Care Cost, Quality, and Equity Commission. Kalra Dead Oppose  
AB-3192 LEA Medi-Cal Billing Option: Audit Guide O'Donnell Alive Support  
ACR-0011 Cervical Cancer Awareness Month Baker Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
HR-0006 Women’s Reproductive Health Burke Alive Support  
SB-0004 Medi-Cal: county organized health system: County of Orange Mendoza Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-0006 Due Process for All Hueso Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-0010 Bail Reform Hertzberg Alive Support  
SB-0012 Financial Aid for Foster Youth Beall Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-0017 Health care: prescription drug costs Hernandez Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-0018 Children’s Bill of Rights Pan Dead Support  
SB-0022 Law Enforcement Firearms Hill Dead Support  
SB-0023 Public health: umbilical cord blood collection Portantino Dead Support  
SB-0029 Law enforcement: immigration Lara Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-0031 California Religious Freedom Act Lara Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-0054 California Values Act de León Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-0055 Distinguished After School Health Recognition Program Jackson Alive Support  
SB-0061 Emergency Food Assistance Fund Hertzberg Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-0063 Family Leave Jackson Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-0078 After School Programs Leyva Alive Support  
SB-0135 Media Literacy Dodd Alive Support  
SB-0138 Universal Free Breakfast & Lunch Service in High-Poverty Schools McGuire Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-0162 Marijuana and medical cannabis: marketing Allen Alive Support  
SB-0169 Education: sex equity Jackson Alive Support  
SB-0179 Gender Identity: Female, Male or Nonbinary Atkins Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-0190 Juvenile Fees Mitchell Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-0191 Pupil health: Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorder Services Beall Dead Support  
SB-0203 Pupil Instruction: Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy Jackson Dead Support  
SB-0210 Drinking Water Leyva Alive Support  
SB-0210 Privacy: Heavy-Duty Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Program Leyva Alive Support  
SB-0223 Health care language assistance services Atkins Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-0244 Privacy Protection Act Lara Alive Support  
SB-0245 Foster Youth Sexual Education Leyva Alive Support  
SB-0250 Child Hunger Prevention and Fair Treatment Act of 2017 Hertzberg Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-0257 School Admission for Children of Deported Parents Lara Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-0258 Cleaning Product Right to Know Act Lara Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-0283 Developmental services: traumatic brain injuries Wilk Dead Support  
SB-0300 Sugar-sweetened beverages: health warnings Monning Dead Support  
SB-0304 Court School Transition Plans Portantino Vetoed Support  
SB-0320 College Student Right to Access Act Leyva Alive Support  
SB-0328 Start School Later Portantino Alive Support  
SB-0354 Special education: individualized education programs: translation services Portantino Alive Support  
SB-0377 Lead-based paint Monning Alive Support  
SB-0379 Pupil health: oral health assessment Atkins Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-0386 State beaches and parks: smoking ban Glazer Vetoed Support  
SB-0392 Report on Access to Care Implications of Anesthesia Safety Bates Alive Oppose  
SB-0395 Custodial interrogation: juveniles Lara Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-0439 Jurisdiction of the juvenile court Mitchell Alive Support  
SB-0442 Pool Drownings Newman Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-0459 (Portantino): Firearms: dealer inspections Portantino Alive Support  
SB-0464 Firearm dealers: storage and security Hill Vetoed Support  
SB-0501 Dentistry: anesthesia and sedation Glazer Alive Oppose  
SB-532 Emergency Services: State of Emergency: Cyberterrorism Dodd Alive Support  
SB-0536 Firearm Violence Research Center: gun violence restraining orders Pan Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-0562 Californians for a Healthy California Act Lara Alive Watch
SB-0563 Woodsmoke Reduction Program Lara Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-607 Pupil discipline: suspensions and expulsions: willful defiance Skinner Alive Support  
SB-0613 Immigration status ​ de León Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-0631 Nitrous oxide Nielsen Alive Support  
SB-0641 CURES Privacy Lara Alive Support  
SB-0643 The Holden-Moscone-Garamendi Genetically Handicapped Persons Program: Duchenne muscular dystrophy Pan Alive Support  
SB-691 Educational equity: immigration status Lara Alive Support
SB-0743 Freedom of Choice in Family Planning Hernandez Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SB-0746 Pupil health: physical examinations Portantino Alive Oppose  
SB-0782 California Grown Fresh School Meals Grant Program Act Skinner Alive Support  
SB-0794 Consumer Safety Standards for Edible Marijuana Products Stern Alive Support  
SB-0830 (Dodd): Media Literacy Education Dodd Alive Support  
SB-0835 (Glazer): Parks Smoking Ban Glazer Alive Support  
SB-0836 (Glazer): State Beaches Smoking Ban Glazer Alive Support  
SB-837 Transitional kindergarten: enrollment for 4-year-olds Dodd Alive Support  
SB-900 Electronic benefits transfer system: CalFresh supplemental benefits. Wiener Alive Support  
SB-918 Homeless Youth Act of 2018​.​​ Wiener Alive Support  
SB-925 Foster care Beall Alive Support  
SB-926 CalWORKs: worker rights information Skinner Alive Support  
SB-937 Lactation accommodation. Wiener Alive Support  
SB-940 Student financial aid: Cal Grant Program: foster youth. Beall Alive Support  
SB-967 Public postsecondary education: waiver of mandatory systemwide tuition and fees: current or former foster youth. Berryhill Alive Support  
SB-968 Postsecondary Education: Mental Health Counselors Pan Alive Support  
SB-970 Employment: Human Trafficking Awareness Atkins Alive Support  
SB-972 Pupil and student health: identification cards: suicide prevention hotline telephone number Portantino Alive Support  
SB-974 Medi-Cal: immigration status: adults. Lara Alive Support  
SB-982  CalWORKs: grant amount Mitchell Alive Support  
SB-990 Inmates Wiener Alive Support  
SB-1004 Mental Health Services Act: prevention and early diagnosis Wiener Alive Support  
SB-1041  Childhood lead poisoning prevention. Leyva Alive Support  
SB-1092 Firearms: silencers Anderson Alive Oppose  
SB-1097 Lead Poisoning Hueso Alive Support  
SB-1100 Firearms: Transfers Portantino Alive Support  
SB-1101 Mental Health Pan Alive Support  
SB-1104 Pupil safety: human trafficking prevention resources. Roth Alive Support  
SB-1108 Medi-Cal: Conditions of Eligibility or Coverage Hernandez Alive Support  
SB-1109 Controlled substances: Schedule II drugs: opioids Bates Alive Support  
SB-1125 Federally qualified health center and rural health clinic services Atkins Alive Support  
SB-1127 Pupil health: administration of medicinal cannabis: schoolsites Hill Alive Other
SB-1138 Healthy Food Options Skinner Alive Support  
SB-1156 Healthcare Service Plans: Third Party Payments Leyva Alive Oppose  
SB-1158 Specialized license plates: “Have a Heart, Be a Star, Help Our Kids” license plate program. McGuire Alive Support  
SB-1192 Children’s meals Monning Alive Support  
SB-1255 SB 1255 (Hernandez) Health Insurance Market: Financial Assistance Hernandez Alive Support  
SB-1275 Public postsecondary education: Plan Against College Hunger Act of 2018. Stern Alive Support  
SB-1287 Medi-Cal: medically necessary services Hernandez Alive Support  
SB-1325 Peaceful and Natural Dignity Act: the right of self-quarantine. Moorlach Dead Oppose  
SB-1346 Firearms: multiburst trigger activators. Jackson Alive Support  
SB-1391 Juveniles: fitness for juvenile court. Lara Alive Support  
SB-1428 Minors: Employment: Work Permits McGuire Alive Support  
SCR-0015 Human Trafficking Awareness Month Gaines Alive Support  
SCR-0016 Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month Leyva Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
SCR-143 Smoking: youth: motion picture industry Pan Alive Support  
SJR-19 Special education funding. Wilk Signed into Law (Chaptered) Other