Below is the list of bills that are of high importance to the American Academy of Pediatrics of California. Please click on the title of the bill for more information. Click on the letter icon to view the AAP-CA’s letter for each bill.

High Priority Bills, Session 2019-2020

Name Description Author Status Position Letter
AB-0138 Sugar-sweetened (soda) beverage tax (COSPONSOR) Bloom Alive Support  
AB-0764 Soda: Ban on marketing/promotions (COSPONSOR) Bonta Alive Support  
AB-0765 Sugar Sweetened Beverages: Healthy Checkout (COSPONSOR) Wicks Alive Support  
SB-0086 Public health: pesticide: chlorpyrifos ban Durazo Alive Support  
SB-0276 Immunizations: medical exemptions (COSPONSOR) Pan Alive Support  
SB-0347 Sugar-Sweetened Beverages: Warnings Monning Alive Support  
SB-0458 Pesticide Ban: Chlorpyrifos (COSPONSOR) Durazo Dead Support  

Showing Legislative Session 2019-2020

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Name Description Author Status Position Letter
AB-0002 California College Promise Santiago Alive Support  
AB-0004 Full scope Medi-Cal for undocumented adults Bonta Alive Support  
AB-0006 Early Childhood Coordination of Services Reyes Alive Support  
AB-0015 Children’s Savings Account Program Nazarian Alive Support  
AB-0016 Homeless children and youths: reporting Luz Rivas Alive Support  
AB-0018 Firearms: excise tax Levine Alive Support  
AB-0031 Sales and use taxes: exemption: sanitary napkins, tampons & related products Garcia Dead Support  
AB-0033 State public retirement systems: divestiture from private prison companies Bonta Alive Support  
AB-0061 Gun violence restraining orders Ting Alive Support  
AB-0066 Sales and use taxes: exemption: diapers Gonzalez Dead Support  
AB-0122 Human trafficking Grayson Alive Support  
AB-0123 Childcare: State Preschool Staff McCarty Alive Support  
AB-0131 E-Smoking Devices: Advertising Cunningham Dead Support  
AB-0135 Human Trafficking: communication with a minor Cervantes Alive Support  
AB-0138 Sugar-sweetened (soda) beverage tax (COSPONSOR) Bloom Alive Support  
AB-0163 Foster & group home youth: liaison to services for unaccompanied undocumented minors Garcia Alive Support  
AB-0164 Firearms: prohibited persons Cervantes Alive Support  
AB-0167 Childcare for CA infants and toddlers: quality standards & state funding Rubio Alive Support  
AB-0174 Income taxes credits: health insurance premiums Wood Alive Support  
AB-0189 Adds Autism Service Providers to List of CA Mandated Child Abuse Reporters Kamlager-Dove Alive Support  
AB-0209 Outdoor Experience Grant Program: Underserved Youth Límon Alive Support  
AB-0276 Firearms: storage Friedman Alive Support  
AB-0341 Streamlined CalFresh (food stamp) Applications Maienschein Alive Support  
AB-0354 Free or reduced-price school meals Quirk-Silva Alive Support  
AB-0372 State Employees: Infant at Work programs Voepel Alive Support  
AB-0379 Youth athletics: sudden cardiac arrest prevention protocols Maienschein Alive Support  
AB-0381 Colleges: outreach re: intimate partner dating violence Reyes Alive Support  
AB-0396 School Social Worker Pilot Program Eggman Alive Support  
AB-0479 School meals: plant-based food options: CA Climate-Friendly Food Program Nazarian Alive Support  
AB-0503 Loosen gun-free school zone restrictions Flora Alive Oppose  
AB-0521 Physician and surgeons: firearms violence prevention training Berman Alive Support  
AB-0526 WIC Express Lane Petrie-Norris Alive Support  
AB-0556 Outdoor experiences: community access program: grant program Carrillo Alive Support  
AB-0577 Health care coverage: postpartum period Eggman Alive Support  
AB-0598 Hearing aide coverage for kids Bloom Alive Support  
AB-0650 Homicide and suicide: data Low Alive Support  
AB-0739 E-Cigarettes: Ban flavors Mccarty Alive Support  
AB-0752 Transit centers: lactation rooms Gabriel Alive Support  
AB-0763 Medi-Cal specialty mental health services Gray Alive Support  
AB-0764 Soda: Ban on marketing/promotions (COSPONSOR) Bonta Alive Support  
AB-0765 Sugar Sweetened Beverages: Healthy Checkout (COSPONSOR) Wicks Alive Support  
AB-0842 Child nutrition: school, childcare, transitional kindergarten, and preschool meals Limon Alive Support  
AB-0898 Early and Periodic Screening Diagnosis, and Treatment services: behavioral health Wicks Alive Support  
AB-0977 Medi-Cal: Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Mark Stone Alive Support  
AB-0984 Personal income taxes: voluntary contributions: Suicide Prevention Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund Lackey Alive Support  
AB-1004 Developmental screening services McCarty Alive Support  
AB-1064 Firearms dealers Muratsuchi Alive Support  
AB-1073 Immigration enforcement: shelters: sensitive locations Blanca Rubio Alive Support  
AB-1098 Substance use disorders: youth programs O'Donnell Alive Support  
AB-1168 Emergency services: text to 911 Mullin Alive Support  
AB-1214 Teacher credentialing: renewal: cardiopulmonary resuscitation Melendez Alive Support  
AB-1223 Living organ donation Aguiar-Curry Alive Support  
AB-1229 End Foster Youth Student Hunger in California Act of 2019 Wicks Alive Support  
AB-1309 Health care Coverage: Enrollment Bauer-Kahan Alive Support  
AB-1324 Foster children: immigration counsel Levine Alive Support  
AB-1593 Earned income tax credit Reyes Alive Support  
AB-1689 College Mental Health Services Program McCarty Dead Support  
AB-1753 Immigration consultants Carrillo Alive Support  
AB-1798 School buses: passenger restraint systems Chu Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support  
ACR-0001 Immigration: Public Charge Rob Bonta Alive Support  
ACR-0098 SLU/Mental health and substance use treatment. Wicks Alive Undecided
SB-0008 State Parks & Beaches: Smoking Ban Glazer Alive Support  
SB-0011 Mental health parity & substance use disorder drugs Beall Alive Support  
SB-0024 Student Health: CA College Campus access to abortion by medication Levya Alive Support  
SB-0029 Medi-Cal: eligibility to age 26 regardless of immigration status Durazo Alive Support  
SB-0038 Flavored tobacco products Hill Dead Support  
SB-0039 Tobacco Products: Delivery Hill Alive Support  
SB-0065 CA Health Benefit Exchange: financial assistance Pan Alive Support  
SB-0066 Medi-Cal: FQHC & rural health clinic services Atkins Alive Support  
SB-0086 Public health: pesticide: chlorpyrifos ban Durazo Alive Support  
SB-104 Health Budget Bill: Extends Medi-Cal eligibility to 19-25 yr-olds regardless of immigration status Mitchell Signed into Law (Chaptered) Support
SB-0173 CalFresh (Food Stamps): CA College Work Study Student Forms Dodd Alive Support  
SB-0175 Healthcare coverage: minimum essential coverage Pan Alive Support  
SB-0188 Discrimination: hairstyles employment and school Mitchell Alive Support  
SB-0257 Firearms: prohibited persons Nielsen Alive Support  
SB-0276 Immunizations: medical exemptions (COSPONSOR) Pan Alive Support  
SB-0296 Student aid: immigrants seeking asylum Allen Alive Support  
SB-0298 Child Poverty: Future Required Reports & Evidence-Based Recommendations to the CA Legislature Caballero Alive Support  
SB-0321 CalWORKs: Supportive Services: Childcare Mitchell Alive Support  
SB-0328 School start time Portantino Alive Support  
SB-0346 After School Programs: Health Recognition Jackson Alive Support  
SB-0347 Sugar-Sweetened Beverages: Warnings Monning Alive Support  
SB-0363 Workplace safety: hospitals Pan Alive Support  
SB-0365 CalWORKs: immediate assistance rent & childcare Durazo Alive Support  
SB-0394 Diversion for primary caregivers of minor children Skinner Alive Support  
SB-0419 Pupil discipline: suspensions: willful defiance Skinner Alive Support  
SB-0421 Children’s Cabinet of California: Coordination of Services Pan Alive Support  
SB-0433 Youth development and diversion Monning Alive Support  
SB-0458 Pesticide Ban: Chlorpyrifos (COSPONSOR) Durazo Dead Support  
SB-0499 Free school meals: CA-Grown McGuire Alive Support  
SB-0516 Criminal Justice Reform Separate Gang Enhancements Skinner Alive Support  
SB-0538 Electronic cigarettes Rubio Alive Support  
SB-0539 MH Services Act: Workforce Education & Training Funds Caballero Alive Support  
SB-0545 Driving under the influence Hill Alive Support  
SB-0568 College Rapid Rehousing Program Portantino Alive Support  
SB-0574 Toxic Fragrance Chemicals Right to Know Act Leyva Alive Support  
SB-0575 Cal Grants: eligibility when incarcerated Bradford Alive Support  
SB-0660 Postsecondary education: mental health counselors Pan Alive Support  
SB-0673 Sexual health education: barriers to access Morrell Alive Oppose