AB-0160: CalWORKs Eligibility

Session: 2017-2018
Author: Stone
Status: Dead
AAP-CA Position: Support
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AB 160 (Stone) would extend eligibility for CalWORKs grants from 48 to 60 months, and would increase disability-based unearned income exempted from the family income when computing CalWORKs grant amounts.

AAP Positional Letter

February 28, 2017

The Honorable Mark Stone
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0029
Fax: (916) 319-2129

RE: AB 160 (Stone): CalWORKS Eligibility
AAP-CA Position: Support

Dear Assemblymember Stone:

I am writing on behalf of the American Academy of Pediatrics, California (AAP-CA), representing over 5,000 California pediatricians, to let you know that we strongly support your proposed legislation AB 160 (Stone). AB 160 (Stone) would extend the maximum period of parents and caretakers’ eligibility for CalWORKS from 48 to 60 months, as well as increasing disability-based unearned income exempted from family income when computing CalWORKS grant amounts.

There is overwhelming evidence that young children living in poverty suffer both immediate and long-term consequences to their physical and mental health. This, in turn, makes it ever harder for these children to escape poverty as adults. Moreover, denying low-income families additional aid to support a child not only hurts the children who do not receive what they need to thrive: society also suffers, as resources needed to meet their deferred health and educational needs far outstrip the basic support they would have received as children.

AB 160 (Stone) would help many families and children escape the destructive cycle of poverty by extending CalWORKS benefits to families with children, as well as increasing grant amounts received by the disabled, who are often those who struggle most to provide for their families. This would be highly beneficial for many children across the state whose families struggle to make ends meet, who in turn would themselves be more able to escape financial instability and poverty as adults.

Pediatricians across the state support AB 160 (Stone). We thank you for your leadership on behalf of the health and well-being of children, youth, and families in California.


Nancy Graff, M.D., Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics
State Government Affairs Committee, American Academy of Pediatrics, California

CC: Kris Calvin, CEO; AAP-CA Leadership; Lydia Bourne