SB-792: Required Vaccines for Day Care/Child Care Workers

Session: 2015-2016
Author: Mendoza
Status: Signed into Law (Chaptered)
AAP-CA Position: Support
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Prohibits a  CA day care center or a family day care home from employing any person or utilizing  a volunteer  who has not been immunized against  influenza, pertussis, and measles vaccination (although  individuals may provide a written statement declining the influenza vaccine).

SB 792 (Mendoza)Daycare Facilities Immunization Letter to Governor

AAP Positional Letter

April 6, 2015

Senator Mendoza
Capitol Building, Room 5061
Sacramento, CA 95814
VIA FAX 916-651-4932

RE: SB 792 (Mendoza) Required Vaccines for Day Care/Child Care Workers

Dear Senator Mendoza,

The American Academy of Pediatrics, California strongly supports your proposed legislation SB 792. This bill would require employees of day care centers and family day care homes to be immunized against pertussis, influenza and measles, as specified.

Protecting the individual and the community from vaccine-preventable diseases measles, influenza and pertussis, is a core function of public health. It is both reasonable and appropriate for California to take steps to ensure that childcare and family day cares are safe for all who attend by requiring vaccination of those who work there.

High vaccine coverage, particularly at the community level, is extremely important for children who cannot be vaccinated, including infants who are too young to be vaccinated, children who have medical contraindications to vaccination and individuals who have weakened immune systems. If there is a single place that children must be kept as safe as humanly possible it is at school/child care. SB 792 is one important step towards accomplishing that goal.

To that end, California pediatricians strongly support SB 792.

We thank you for your public service and your leadership on behalf of children’s health and the health of our communities.

Wilbert Mason sig

Wilbert Mason, MD
Governing Board Member
American Academy of Pediatrics, California