AB-1762: Human trafficking: Victims: Vacating Convictions

Session: 2015-2016
Author: Campos
Status: Vetoed
AAP-CA Position: Support
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This bill would instead allow an individual convicted of a nonviolent crime while he or she was human trafficking victim to apply to the court to vacate the conviction at any time after it was entered. The bill would allow an individual adjudicated a ward of the juvenile court as the result of a nonviolent crime committed while he or she was a human trafficking victim to apply to have the petition dismissed. If the application is granted, the bill would require court to have all records in the case sealed and to release the defendant from all penalties and disabilities, as provided. The bill would define “human trafficking victim” and “nonviolent crime” for these purposes.
The bill would allow the defendant applying for vacatur to submit evidence containing personal identify information under seal along with a statement under penalty of perjury confirming his or her identity. By expanding the crime of perjury, this bill would impose a state-mandated local program.
This bill would require the state summary criminal history information to exclude any charge or conviction for which relief has been granted pursuant to the provisions of this bill.
This bill would provide that no reimbursement is required by this act for a specified reason.


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