AB-2299: Medi-Cal: managed care plans: informational materials

Session: 2017-2018
Author: Chu
Status: To Governor (Enrolled)
AAP-CA Position: Other
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This bill would require the State Department of Health Care Services to ensure that all written health education and informing materials, as defined, in English and those translated into threshold languages by managed care plans are at or below the equivalent of 6th grade reading level. The bill would require the department to require managed care plans or other contractors to conduct a one-time, targeted community review of health education and informing materials in English and each threshold language, in order for members to ensure the cultural and linguistic appropriateness of materials in community-based settings. The bill would require the managed care plans to report the findings of the community review process, and would require the department to publish those findings and develop recommendations for additional readability and suitability standards based on the findings. The bill would include a statement of legislative findings and declarations.