AB-0898: Early and Periodic Screening Diagnosis, and Treatment services: behavioral health

Session: 2019-2020
Author: Wicks
Status: Alive
AAP-CA Position: Support
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Would require the California Health and Human Services Agency, under the oversight of the Governor, to convene the Children’s Behavioral Health Action Team, to maximize the well-being of children in California who receive Early and Periodic Screening Diagnosis, and Treatment services and health care through the Medi-Cal program. Would require the Action Team to develop and report specified findings and recommendations, including identifying opportunities for the state to better ensure that Medi-Cal eligible children receive behavioral health services, to prepare a final implementation plan, to distribute the reports and plan to specified entities, including the Legislature and the public, and to disband upon the submission of the plan.

Last Action:

08/30/19 In committee: Held under submission.
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