AB-2007: Youth athletics: youth sports organizations: concussions or other head injuries

Session: 2015-2016
Author: McCarty
Status: Signed into Law (Chaptered)
AAP-CA Position: Support
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This bill would     apply these provisions to athletes participating in youth sports organizations, as defined to include, but not necessarily limited to, a business or nonprofit entity or a local governmental agency, that sponsor or conduct amateur athletic competitions, camps, or clubs. The bill would require youth sports organizations to notify the parents or guardians of athletes 17 years of age or younger who have been removed from athletic activities due to suspected concussions, as specified. The bill would require youth sports organizations to give concussion and head injury education, or educational materials, or both, to each of their coaches and administrators on a yearly basis, as prescribed. The bill would also require youth sports organizations to identify an individual within the organization who is responsible for ensuring compliance by the organization with the bill’s requirements for providing concussion and head injury education. The bill would additionally require the youth sports organization to identify the details of the return-to-play protocol, as specified.

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