AAP CA is committed to the attainment of optimal physical, mental, and social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescents, and young adults living in California.

AAP California is comprised of AAP California Chapters 1, 3 and 4 and represents more than 3,000 primary care and subspecialty pediatricians across California.

AAP CA Chapters advocate together at the state level on hundreds of bills each year, as well as on statewide ballot measures and in court cases on behalf of children and pediatricians.


Our Board of Directors

Yasuko Fukuda MD FAAP

San Francisco, CA

Paula Whiteman MD FACEP FAAP

Los Angeles, CA

Stuart Cohen MD FAAP

Immediate Past Chair
San Diego, CA

Edward Susumu Curry MD FAAP

Natl. Nominating & Treasurer
Fontana, CA

Jacques-Emmanuel Corriveau MD FAAP

Chair, State Government Advocacy
Antioch, CA

Eric Ball MD FAAP

CME & Secretary
Irvine, CA

Melissa Ruiz MD MPH FAAP

Early Career Rep
Ventura, CA

Alyssa Morse, MD

Resident Rep
Los Angeles, CA

Marsha Spitzer MD FAAP

Annual Leadership Forum
San Diego, CA

James Crawford-Jakubiak MD FAAP

Diversity & Inclusion
Oakland, CA

Christine Thang, MD FAAP

Alternate Early Career Rep
Los Angeles, CA

Christina Callas, MD

Resident Asst Rep
Los Angeles, CA

Nelson Branco, MD FAAP

President, CA Chapter 1
Larkspur, CA

Nathan McFarland, MD FAAP

President, CA Chapter 3
Lakeside, CA

Sharief Taraman, MD FAAP 

President, CA Chapter 4
Orange, CA

Nicole Webb, MD FAAP

VP, CA Chapter 1
Madera, CA

Liza Suh, MD FAAP

VP, CA Chapter 3
San Marcos, CA

Reshmi Basu, MD FAAP

VP, CA Chapter 4
Tustin, CA

Janice Kim MD FAAP

Alt Dir, CA Chapter 1
Petaluma, CA

Christine Johnson MD FAAP

Alt Dir, CA Chapter 3
San Diego, CA

Karmi Ferguson, MBA 

Executive Director
Sacramento, CA

Advocacy Contacts

Chapter 1 | Northern California

Zarah Iqbal MD MPH FAAP

Nora Pfaff MD FAAP

Chapter 3 | San Diego & Imperial Counties

Nancy Graff MD FAAP

Wendy Hunter MD FAAP

Chapter 4 | Orange County

Angela Dangvu MD FAAP

Sharon Pham MD FAAP