Bill List

Below are 2020-2021 CA bills of high importance to AAP CA! Use the search feature to find a specific current bill or to access prior legislative sessions. Scroll down and click VIEW MORE for complete 2010-2021 list.

Name Description Author Status Position Letter
AB-4 Medi-Cal: eligibility Arambula Alive Support
AB-14 Communications: broadband services: California Advanced Services Fund Aguiar-Curry Alive Support
AB-15 COVID-19 relief: tenancy: Tenant Stabilization Act of 2021 Chiu Alive Support
AB-22 Childcare: preschool programs and transitional kindergarten: enrollment: funding McCarty Alive Support
AB-27 Homeless children and youths and unaccompanied youths: reporting Luz Rivas Alive Support
AB-32 Telehealth Aguiar-Curry Alive Support
AB-46 California Youth Empowerment Act Luz Rivas Alive Support
AB-47 Human services: coordinated immigration support services Reyes Alive Support
AB-58 Pupil health: suicide prevention policies and training: school-based health programs: pilot program Salas Alive Support
AB-86 COVID-19 reporting and public health requirements, instruction support grants, the Cal Grant Program, and learning loss mitigation. Committee on Budget Alive Oppose
AB-112 Medi-Cal eligibility Holden Alive Support
AB-118 Emergency services: community response: grant program Kamlager Alive Support
AB-221 Emergency food assistance Santiago Alive Support
AB-235 California Student Success Coach Grant Program Gipson Alive Support
AB-240 Local health department workforce assessment Rodriguez Alive Support
AB-262 Human trafficking: vacatur relief for victims: fines Patterson Alive Support
AB-263 Private detention facilities. Bonta Alive Support
AB-270 Core Behavioral Health Crisis Services System. Ramos Alive Support
AB-285 State Department of Education: state school nurse consultant Holden Alive Support
AB-295 Public postsecondary education: pilot program for free tuition and fees: working group Jones-Sawyer Alive Support
AB-309 Pupil mental health: model referral protocols. Gabriel Alive Support
AB-329 Bail Bonta Alive Support
AB-366 Foster youth Blanca Rubio Alive Support
AB-367 Menstrual products Cristina Garcia Alive Support
AB-368 Food prescriptions Bonta Alive Support
AB-369 Medi-Cal: street medicine and utilization controls Kamlager Alive Support
AB-382 Whole Child Model program Kamlager Alive Support
AB-396 CalFresh: educational programs Gabriel Alive Support
AB-413 Foster youth: housing Ting Alive Support
AB-426 Toxic air contaminants Bauer-Kahan Alive Support
AB-452 Pupil safety: parental notification: firearm safety laws Friedman Alive Support
AB-470 Medi-Cal: eligibility Carrillo Alive Support
AB-543 Public postsecondary education: student orientation: CalFresh Davies Alive Support
AB-546 Dependent children: documents: housing Maienschein Alive Support
AB-552 Integrated School-Based Behavioral Health Partnership Program Quirk-Silva Alive Support
AB-557 Hate crimes: hotline Muratsuchi Alive Support
AB-558 School meals: plant-based food and milk options: California School Plant-Based Food and Beverage Program Nazarian Alive Support
AB-563 School-based health programs Berman Alive Support
AB-637 Enabling Youth to Access Workforce Training Grant Program Lackey Alive Support
AB-652 Product safety: juvenile products: chemicals: perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances Friedman Alive Support
AB-674 Dependent children: documents Bennett Alive Support
AB-733 Dental hygienists: registered dental hygienist in alternative practice Chiu Alive Support
AB-740 Foster youth: suspension and expulsion McCarty Alive Support
AB-768 School safety: aquatic and pool safety program: model policy Holden Alive Support
AB-775 Public postsecondary education: basic needs of students Berman Alive Support
AB-814 Personal information: contact tracing Levine Alive Support
AB-935 Telehealth: mental health Maienschein Alive Support
AB-940 College Mental Health Services Program McCarty Alive Support
AB-988 Mental health: mobile crisis support teams: 988 crisis hotline Bauer-Kahan Alive Support
AB-996 School breakfast and morning snacks: nonschoolaged children Nazarian Alive Support
AB-1046 Nurse-Family Partnership program Blanca Rubio Alive Support
AB-1117 Pupil support services: Healthy Start: Toxic Stress and Trauma Resiliency for Children Program Wicks Alive Support
AB-1160 Medically supportive food Blanca Rubio Alive Support
AB-1197 School meals: nutritional requirements Quirk-Silva Alive Support
AB-1200 Plant-based food packaging: cookware: hazardous chemicals Ting Alive Support
AB-1223 Firearms and ammunition: excise tax Levine Alive Support
AB-1356 Reproductive health care services Bauer-Kahan Alive Support
AB-1478 Firearms: unsafe handguns Chiu Alive Support
ACR-39 Roxie Forbes Drowning Prevention Month Holden Alive Support
SB-3 Tenancy: COVID-19 Caballero Alive Support
SB-4 Communications: California Advanced Services Fund Gonzalez Alive Support
SB-14 Pupil health: school employee and pupil training: excused absences: youth mental and behavioral health Portantino Alive Support
SB-17 Public health crisis: racism Pan Alive Support
SB-20 Student nutrition: eligibility for CalFresh benefits Dodd Alive Support
SB-40 Health care workforce development: California Medicine Scholars Program Hurtado Alive Support
SB-56 Medi-Cal: eligibility Durazo Alive Support
SB-64 Mobilehome parks: emergency relief: coronavirus (COVID-19) Leyva Alive Support
SB-107 Calfresh Wiener Alive Support
SB-222 Water Affordability Assistance Program Dodd Alive Support
SB-224 Pupil instruction: mental health education Portantino Alive Support
SB-228 Public postsecondary education: support services for foster youth: Cooperating Agencies Foster Youth Educational Support Program Leyva Alive Support
SB-234 Transition Aged Youth Housing Program Wiener Alive Support
SB-237 Special education: dyslexia screening Portantino Alive Support
SB-245 Health care coverage: abortion services: cost sharing Gonzalez Alive Support
SB-250 Health care coverage Pan Alive Support
SB-262 Bail Hertzberg Alive Support
SB-264 Firearms: state property Min Alive Support
SB-306 Sexually transmitted disease: testing Pan Alive Support
SB-316 Medi-Cal: federally qualified health centers and rural health clinics Eggman Alive Support
SB-320 Domestic violence protective orders: possession of a firearm Eggman Alive Support
SB-364 Pupil meals: End Child Hunger Act of 2021 Skinner Alive Support
SB-428 Health care coverage: adverse childhood experiences screenings Hurtado Alive Support
SB-464 California Food Assistance Program: eligibility Hurtado Alive Support
SB-467 Oil and gas: hydraulic fracturing, acid well stimulation treatments, steam flooding, water flooding, or cyclic steaming: prohibition: job relocation. Wiener Alive Support
SB-473 Health care coverage: insulin cost sharing Bates Alive Support
SB-609 Calfresh Hurtado Alive Support
SB-736 Public safety: pools and spas: drowning prevention: home inspectors Newman Alive Oppose