Public safety: pools and spas: drowning prevention: home inspectors


session 2021-2022
priority Standard
Author Newman
position Oppose
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The only evidence-based best practice that has been documented through research to prevent the death or disability of a child from unauthorized access to a swimming pool is installation of a four-sided isolation fence that meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission standard. SB 736 would encourage the use of an isolation fence, but would not require it. Additionally, SB 736 would apply its requirements equally to all local jurisdictions and would prohibit a local jurisdiction from imposing different or stricter requirements. National AAP and AAP-CA do not support state preemption of local laws on COVID-19 or on tobacco and sugary beverage taxes, and we do not support state preemption of local laws on pool barriers. State laws should always set a floor on public health and allow local governments to set more stringent rules if they choose to now or in the future.