State Employees: Infant at Work programs


session 2019-2020
priority Standard
Author Voepel
position Support
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Would authorize a state agency to adopt an Infant at Work program allowing an employee of the agency who is a new parent (or caregiver) to bring their  infant to the workplace and would establish required elements for such a program.
Last Action:
10/08/19 Vetoed by Governor.
Governor’s Veto Message
To the Members of the California State Assembly:

I am returning Assembly Bill 372 without my signature.

This bill would allow a state agency to adopt an Infant at Work pilot program, and adopt the necessary regulations that would permit an employee, who is a new parent or caregiver to an infant, the option to bring their infant to the workplace.

I recognize the value of this program, which is in line with my commitment to strengthening parent and caregiver bonding during the earliest months of a child’s life. As such, an Infant at Work program might be worth exploring, but the bill as written exposes the state to a high level of risk of lawsuits and should be handled administratively or through collective bargaining. Moreover, the timeline stipulated does not provide adequate time to establish a policy and regulations for a program of this magnitude.

Therefore, I am directing CalHR to develop a pilot program to implement this concept in a thoughtful manner.


Gavin Newsom