Chair Candidate

District IX Chair Candidate: Yasuko Fukuda, MD, FAAP


Dr. Yasuko Fukuda is the current Chair of District IX California. Starting as San Francisco member-at-large, Dr. Fukuda has continuously worked for AAP since 1996, including as President of California Chapter 1 in 2005. She served on the National Nominating Committee and the AAP News Editorial Board, then was District IX Vice Chair from 2012-2018.

As now Chair of District IX, Dr. Fukuda is engaged with the national AAP Board’s work in governance, fiscal oversight, and policy review. Dr. Fukuda is the Chair of the Member Value and Engagement Board Sub-Committee, on the Equity Committee and previously on the Finance Committee.

Dr. Fukuda belongs to the Sections on Infectious Diseases, Administration and Practice Management, as well as the Councils on Community Health and Immigrant Health. As the liaison on an immunization project between the AAP and Japan Pediatric Society she furthers international collaboration efforts. In addition, Dr. Fukuda has served on the boards of the California Immunization Coalition, Pediatric Federation/Practice Well and was recognized as a California Immunization Champion in 2010.

Dr. Fukuda is a general pediatrician in her hometown of San Francisco. After graduating from UC Berkeley in Immunology/Microbiology and the Japanese language, she attended Mayo Medical School, and during that time, spent 6 months in Hiroshima, Japan, researching atomic bomb survivors. Upon completion of her pediatric residency at Children’s Hospital Oakland, Dr. Fukuda joined the private practice of her own pediatrician, where she is a managing partner, on Clinical Faculty with UCSF and volunteers in the community.

Dr. Fukuda enjoys music, knitting, and watching Yoshio, her Shiba Inu, compete and Nozomi, a border collie, train in agility with her husband, Peter. Their sister, Miya, is a therapy dog at her practice.