Chair Candidate

District IX Chair Candidate: Zoey Goore, MD, FAAP

Candidate Statement

Zoey Goore, MD, FAAP

What should be AAP CA Advocacy Priorities for Children’s Healthcare for 2021-2022

I believe in National AAP’s Blueprint for Children: advocating for Healthy Children, Strong Families, Strong Communities, and A Leading Nation for Youth.

We must address access. All patients need health insurance and insurance that pays at reasonable rates.  At a minimum we must advocate to continue SB56 (supplemental Medi-Cal payments).  SB56 has enabled more practices to be able to see Medi-Cal patients.  Access advocacy must include our entire pediatric population including marginalized teens.

Care equity, inclusive of access, quality, and care experience, is a priority.  Racism is a health care problem. We must be allies and advocates to reduce health disparities and foster health equity.  This work includes building safe communities and providing opportunities and mentorship for children of color to become health care providers.  National AAP has created an Equity Agenda that we can use as a model for our district.  Our District can be a strong, united voice.

Mental health should be an advocacy priority.  Our children and families have experienced a very traumatic year. We are seeing more and more mental health needs.  Screening children for ACES and social determinants of health and providing trauma informed care are essential for our families. Identifying and fortifying protective factors and building on family’s agency can help foster resilience.  Through our advocacy we can help build a network of support, advocate for training programs, and innovate to meet our patients needs in the interim.

We must advocate for our own care needs. Although I have not been on an airplane in over a year, I am still reminded of the oxygen mask instructions.  We need to take care of ourselves so that we can better care for others.

To recap: 1) Access, 2) Care Equity and workforce diversity, 3) Mental Health and 4) Attention to physician and provider wellness.

Why do I want to run for District IX Chairperson?

Great question.  (FYI if you want the cliff notes/spark notes version just read the underlined….)

  1. Children need access to quality care. We deserve appropriate pay.
  2. We have opportunities for growth.
  3. This past year-plus has been traumatic
  4. We need an Ally and Anti-racist to pursue equity for our patients and our workforce.
  5. AAP can be THE pediatric professional home.

Why should you choose me?

(again, the underlined are the key messages)

  1. I am an advocate.  I have experience with advocacy. I can help us remain the trusted source for all things pediatric.
  2. I have diverse leadership experiences and can think creatively.  I’ve held local, state, and national AAP positions.  At The Permanente Medical Group (TPMG), in addition to my clinical role, I oversee service lines, outpatient quality metrics, local equity, inclusion and diversity(EID) programs, and our local COVID Vaccination program. These opportunities taught me about people, processes, media relations, people development, and enhanced my listening skills.
  3. I lead with empathy.  This past year-plus has been hard for everyone.   I am thankful that my children handled this past year well (my son even remarked that ‘pants optional school’ was not that bad).  Our children have suffered the effects of isolation, had their education jeopardized, and lost rites of passage.   Our staff and colleagues have suffered too.  Leading through fear and uncertainty has required my empathy, strength, patience, and communication skills.
  4. I am an Ally and Anti-Racist:   I am already leading efforts to address EID in the workplace and workforce, equitable care delivery and outcomes, and equitable care experience.
  5. I will work to improve this organization for the children we serve and to enable each of us to call AAP our professional home.

It would be my honor and privilege to serve and represent California children and Pediatricians.

Zoey Goore, MD FAAP
Roseville, CA