Chair Candidate

District IX Chair Candidate: Zoey Goore, MD, FAAP

Candidate Message to Membership

Zoey Goore, MD, FAAP

Thank you for this opportunity to address our AAP District membership. I know our email and inboxes (both personal and professional) are overloaded, so I will make this brief.

First, thank you for being an AAP member. Your membership helps to support the many resources that AAP provides to aid you, your practice, and the children you treat. Your national membership also supports national advocacy efforts on behalf of pediatricians and the children and families we serve. In part, because of your support, our professional organization is respected as the go to organization to understand what is best for children and their families.

I’ll cut to the chase, why am I running for District Chair?

My father, may his memory be for a blessing, was a child and adolescent psychiatrist. He taught me that being a physician is more than treating patients. He owned a small psychiatric group practice but spent much of his free time volunteering for his professional home (The American Psychiatric Association) teaching and advocating for his patients and colleagues. As a young Pediatrician I joined AAP and found my professional home. Of late with our national mental health crisis, I mourn his loss even more as I know he would have been on the forefront of advocacy for our most vulnerable population and to mitigate the stress our medical colleagues are experiencing. In part to honor his memory, and because that is who he raised me to be, I am compelled to work to address the mental health and physician wellness crises. I know I can be a strong advocate.

Why am I the best candidate?

One of my strengths as a leader is my ability to listen and help people solve problems. From the AAP-CA website ( and our newsletters you have learned what my advocacy priorities would be. I’d also like to hear what is important to you, what you want from your professional home, and what you expect from your District leadership. I am someone who unites, builds consensus, and moves work forward. Feel free to reach out to me at – I’d love to hear from you, I’d be happy to set up a time to talk, or just get to know you and hear about your experiences.

Be well,

Zoey Goore, MD, MPH, FAAP
Pediatrician, Mom, Advocate (and soon to be empty nester! OMG!)