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How to Submit an AAP Resolution

District IX Recommended Procedures for Submitting Resolutions to the AAP Annual Leadership Forum

AAP members wishing to submit resolutions to the Annual Leadership Forum need to be aware of the following process for obtaining Chapter and District support for their resolutions. For a detailed discussion of the Annual Leadership Forum history and future dates, the purpose and significance of resolutions, and the resolution process please refer to the review on the National AAP website’s Member’s Only Channel.

The District Annual Leadership Forum Representative is available to assist members in writing resolutions and can call on the National AAP staff for assistance if needed. If Chapter support is desired, please forward the resolution to the appropriate Chapter President for presentation at a Chapter Board meeting for discussion and approval. If the Chapter approves the resolution as submitted or after revision, the Chapter President is then responsible for informing the member of the Chapter’s decision and bringing the resolution to the next District Board Meeting for discussion and District approval. If the Chapter does not support the resolution, the President should inform the member. If desired, a member may request that the Chapter President bring the unsupported resolution to the District’s attention. In general, resolutions receiving both Chapter and District support have an improved chance of acceptance at the Annual Leadership Forum compared to resolutions lacking support by one or both entities.

District Board Meetings are held four times a year (see below for this year’s dates), with one of the meetings being a combined meeting with another AAP District. If support from another District is desired, the resolution must be brought to our District’s attention in time (preferably 30 days in advance) to be presented at the combined meeting. A copy should be sent to our District Office, who will then send the resolution to the National AAP Office to be included in the combined District meeting workbook. Otherwise, resolutions may be brought for our District’s approval only to any of the scheduled District board meetings. The Chapter President is responsible for providing the District office copies of all resolutions to be considered at District Meetings.

When discussed at a District Meeting, resolutions may be supported, not approved, or sent back for revisions to be reconsidered later. The Chapter President is responsible for informing the member of all District decisions. Either the Chapter President or the Annual Leadership Forum Representative will be assigned responsibility for working with the member to obtain appropriate revisions. Whoever works with the member on the revisions will be responsible for assuring that the revised resolution is brought back to the District for final consideration in a timely fashion. The District Annual Leadership Forum Representative will be responsible for tracking the progress of all resolutions, and will assume responsibility for forwarding all District supported resolutions to the National AAP office in time to meet Forum deadlines. In general, resolutions must be presented to the National Office before July 1st each year (this date may change if the Annual Leadership Forum dates change) or they will be considered late resolutions and will be presented by title only and not considered by the Forum unless two-thirds of the voting members agree.

Finally, resolutions that have neither Chapter nor District support, or Chapter only support can be sent in to the Forum for consideration if the member submitting the resolution so requests. In that event, the District Annual Leadership Forum Representative is responsible for working with the member to assure that the resolution is submitted on time to the appropriate National AAP staff.


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