State Advocacy

Dr. Susan Wu receiving the first AAP-CA Kris Calvin Resident Education Award presented by Dr. Nancy Graff with Dr. Jacque Corriveau.

Dustin Corcoran, CEO of the CA Medical Association.

San Diego Chapter Pediatricians with Assembly Member Akilah Weber.

Visiting the Governor’s Office.

Orange County Chapter Pediatricians with Senator Min.

Newly Elected Assembly Member Matt Haney with our young advocates.

Dr. Sharon Phan, Dr. Phyliss Agran, Dr. Jacques Corriveau, Senator Josh Newman (recieving the AAP-CA Legislator of the Year award) and Dr. Eric Ball.

Dr. Nicole Webb, her daughter Oliva and Isra Uz-Zaman, Chapter 1 Executive Director.

Dr. Melissa Ruiz with her son.

Dr. Angela Dangvu with her niece Sarah in the Capitol Rotunda.

Dr. Melissa Ruiz with her son at the Capitol Rotunda.

Orange County Chapter Pediatricians on Capitol Steps.

AAP California Chapters 1, 3 and 4 advocate together on state-level issues related to children’s health and well-being and the practice of pediatrics.

Our work is strictly nonpartisan, and addresses the many CA bills and budget items related to child health access and reimbursement, vaccines, mental and behavioral health, prevention of childhood injury and trauma, youth vaping, and childhood obesity, the importance of achieving racial and ethnic child health parity, and advocacy for COVID19 policies that support the public health and the viability of pediatric practices.

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Session 2023-2024: Current list of bills (click to open)

Stay informed about the legislation we are following. Below is the list of all legislative initiatives currently tracked by AAP-CA in real time.

Bills are listed in alpha order of issue areas.  For more information on the AAP-CA priority issues, please visit the Issues page.

For a full, up-to-date analysis, simply click on the bill number.

2023 Advocacy Day

May 8 – 9, 2023

2023 Advocacy Day Events:

California pediatric residents and faculty please register here: Advocacy Day Registration

Other AAP-CA members and local chapter leaders interested in attending, please contact Karmi Ferguson at