The AAP-CA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity and charged with applying for and implementing grant-funded activities and programs that further the mission and goals of the AAP-CA.

The AAP-CA Foundation is committed to being a vehicle to obtain grants consistent with the AAP-CA mission and does not compete with grants that the individual CA Chapters might obtain. Therefore, the Foundation only applies for grants that are state-wide or national in scope.

Partial list of grants obtained by the AAP-CA Foundation:

  • Abbott Nutrition Grant for Resident Education
  • AAP State Preparedness Projects Grant
  • AAP Vaccine Hesitancy Education Grant
  • California Academy of Family Physicians Health Consequences of Immigration Policies Grant
  • Lucile Packard “Keeping Kids Connected” Grant
  • Reverse Food Truck Project to address food insecurity and nutritional needs for families, collecting fresh food from farmer’s markets for distribution.


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