The CA Collaborative,Resident Advocacy Rotation program, empowers pediatric residents with skills and real-world, applied experience to fulfill their roles as non-partisan leaders in child health advocacy.  Learning objectives are:

  • Understand the roles of pediatrician in advocacy
  • Review the basic knowledge of advocacy and the policy process
  • Be able to use an advocacy communication skill to contribute to an active advocacy campaign
  • Provide opportunities to advocacy for priority child health issues
  • Promote collaboration with the AAP and with child advocacy partner organizations

The program will be offered twice a month, each session is 2-hours in length and involves a pre-course exercise, didactic presentations on advocacy basics, current policy highlights and issues, developing communication strategies and concludes with a debrief and evaluation.

2021 Calendar of CA Collaborative programs, all courses are from 9:00 am – 11:am:

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